Wedding thank you notes: Take the chore out of writing them

Between choosing the perfect wedding invitations and picking out a venue, there are many parts of wedding planning that can be stressful. However, when the wedding is over, you've said your vows and you're officially married, all of that hard work is worth it. There's just one last thing you have to worry about: the wedding thank you notes. Thank you cards are some of the most important pieces of stationery you'll send for your wedding – not sending them at all or sending them too late is a major no-no. However, writing your thank yous doesn't have to be a huge chore. Here are a few ways you can make the process a bit more relaxed:

Gather the addresses
The first step to sending thank you notes: knowing where to send them. You'll need your guests' addresses to send save the dates and wedding invites, but make sure you still have the correct ones when it comes time to send thank yous. One way to do this? Have guests fill out the envelopes themselves. Ask the hostess of your bridal shower to have the guests fill out an envelope with their address. Even if everyone doesn't do this, you'll at least have a great head start (and a lot less addressing to do yourself). 

Stay organized
As vital as it is to know your guests' addresses, it's perhaps even more important to remember what everybody gave you. Keep a list as you open your gifts, noting who the gift is from, what the gift is and whether the gift-givers were able to attend your wedding. This will help you easily keep track of what to write in each thank you message.

Bride and groom with thank you sign.Thank you cards are a necessary way to show gratitude to guests.

Take it slowly
There are two words that can make your life a lot easier: start early. If you receive gifts before your wedding (like at the engagement party or from relatives who couldn't make it to the event), send thank you cards right away. Then, after the wedding, write your thank yous in batches of five to seven at a time. This will help the project seem more manageable, but it'll also help you write more sincere messages. 

Make it a team effort
Nobody ever said thank-you-card writing was a one-man sport. Enlist the help of your new spouse, and do the cards together. If you want, divide and conquer, with each of you writing thank yous to your respective friends and family members.

Turn it into a fun activity 
OK, so writing 200 thank you notes is not anyone's idea of a great time. But that doesn't mean it has to be a dreadful chore. Sit with your spouse, open a bottle of wine, play some music and reminisce about your wedding day as you're filling out the cards. You'll have a lot more fun if you turn it into an exciting couple activity, rather than seeing it as a task you have to complete.