Wedding invitations formally announce your
big day to family and friends. Choose an
invitation and coordinating suite that
matches your style and colors.
Response Card

Also known as an RSVP card, these small cards let your guests confirm their
attendance to the wedding. Don't forget to number the backs of each response card
before mailing and keep a corresponding list of guest names. This will come in
handy when guests forget to fill out their names on the cards.
Enclosure Card

Enclosure cards are mailed with the wedding
invitation and give guests any additional
information they may need, such as directions
or information on accommodations.
Reception Card

Give your guests details about the reception time and location with
these small cards that are mailed with the invitation. If the ceremony and
reception will take place in the same location, forego the reception card
and note "reception to follow" on the invitation.

A wedding program gives guests an introduction to your
wedding party and allows them to follow along during
each step in the ceremony.
Thank You Card

Send guests your gratitude for their presence and any gifts
you received with a personalized thank you card. Etiquette
says thank you cards should be mailed within 1-2 months of
your wedding day.
Menu Card

Let guests know what you'll be serving during your
dinner reception.
Escort Card

Typically displayed on a table near the reception
entrance or dining area, escort cards contain the names
and table number for each guest and lets them know
where they will be sitting.
Place Card

For a more formal event, place cards let you assign seating
for all guests at your reception tables.
Table Number Card

Help your guests find their table by displaying a
two-sided card prominently on each reception table.