The Simple Order Process

Wording & Etiquette HINTS


Formal wording guidelines:

  • Spell out abbreviations. (e.g. Mr. would be Mister. Court, Street, Avenue and Road would all be spelled out.)
  • Spell out all numbers except house numbers and apartment numbers.
  • Spell out times. For example, 6:00 PM would be six o'clock in the evening.
  • Line breaks are often used instead of commas.

Informal wording is more relaxed.

Depending on the invitation, you may need to choose wording for one or two areas - the center verse and the main wording. The center verse is also known as the accent verse and would typically appear on the center panel of a tri-panel invitation. The main wording is the actual event announcement.

Limit footnotes to one line. Keep in mind that lettering size depends on the number of lines you request and the amount of space available on the design you have selected.

If you need to provide more information than will fit nicely on the design, you may adjust your wording or order a separate accessory card for the additional details (e.g. Reception Card or Direction Card). We recommend checking your proofs very carefully.

If divorced parents are hosting the wedding, their names should not appear on the same line. Only the names of couples should appear on the same line to avoid confusion.