How to Choose the Perfect Invitation
Get Creative/Personalize


The formality of your event may affect your choice of invitation font or even verse alignment. Formal invitations normally use a centered format. Left- or right-justified wording and paragraph-style wording is more informal and is a little more fun and contemporary. Remember, you can align your wording to match your style, we're just giving you guidelines to help you decide.

Lettering Styles Do's and Dont's

(It's not just about which one is prettier)


  • Choose the same lettering styles for the matching enclosure cards (respond card, reception card, informal note, etc.) as you choose for the invitation to provide consistency. Use script fonts sparingly on enclosures.
  • Keep your lettering styles simple. Clear wording that's easy to read is your first priority, style is second.


  • Use fancy script fonts for all of your wording. Your invitation will be hard to read.
  • Choose dark inks for dark paper colors. The ink color should be easy to read and complement the invitation.

When you find the invitation that is perfect for you, if appropriate, select paper and accents using the color boxes or drop-down menu on the Item Detail page. Click "Personalize" to begin creating your unique invitation.

Consider using a bold font like Tiffany for all of your Main wording, but accentuate your names and other important information by increasing the font size or using an Accent font. Get a designer look when you select from "Style Combinations" in the Personalizer. We've made it easy by creating the perfect font combinations for you.