How to choose the perfect invitation

Customize with color & style

Inks, Fonts and Monograms

We offer endless options to create the perfect invitation to match your special day! Make it personal with your choice of paper and accent colors, font colors and styles, envelope liners and wording.


Once you begin to Personalize your invitation, click on the Ink Color boxes and use the Font Style dropdown boxes to preview and select from a variety of available styles. Update the preview until you find the perfect combination.

Later, if your invitation includes them, select a monogram or a design to create a one-of-a-kind, personal announcement. Or add a ribbon for that extra touch of elegance.


Traditional monograms feature your three initials. An important thing to remember when ordering a traditional monogram: your last name initial goes in the middle and is often larger than the other two initials. For example, the name Marie Elizabeth Hansen would appear as MHE in a three-initial monogram. Be sure to specify the proper order of initials when ordering. Traditional monograms (just your initials) are commonly used for both formal and informal invitations.