Seal and Send Wedding Invitations

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Bypass the assembly line of folding, stuffing, stamping, and addressing dozens of letters with the ever-popular seal and send wedding invitations. This inexpensive all-in-one option streamlines your invite process so you can spend more time celebrating. Plus, without the inclusion of an envelope, these fold and seal wedding invitations are one of the more eco-friendly options a couple can send to wedding guests. Our affordable line of all-in-one invitations is crafted to give you back more of those precious wedding planning hours. These ingenious invite designs fold up into themselves and are printed with your guests' name and address; all you need to do is seal and send them out in the mail and the task is complete! Choose from a variety of inexpensive templates and fonts designed to capture the aesthetic of your special day. Whether you'll be tying the knot at a rustic-vintage party or a modern ballroom wedding, you'll find a fold and seal invite to suit your theme. Explore fun shapes, from rectangular to diamond cuts, and nab the all-in-one announcement that feels made for you. Many of our seal and send wedding invitations are accompanied by great online discounts. To find further reductions, check out our affordable selection of invitations under $1.00 each.