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David's Bridal offers a unique selection of travel themed wedding invitations so that you may proudly interweave your heritage or special ceremony destination within your formal announcement. These exotic invites provide gorgeous options for those celebrating Indian, Moroccan, African, and other global nationalities, as well as those looking to incorporate the locale of their reception within thematic stationery. This collection of travel-inspired wedding invitations provides a fun way for you and your sweetheart to show off the places and traditions that mean the most to you. Are you two hometown sweethearts? Try one of our state-themed invites to flaunt your pride. Did a classic case of wanderlust bring you two together? A vintage travel wedding invitation will be the perfect fit. Our selection of classical and modern stationery is ideal for trans-continental lovers and couples with families from around the globe. Evoke the spirit of select international localities with David's Bridal's specialty designs that include exotic patterns, images, and motifs reflective of unique cultures worldwide, like Morocco and India. Shop these affordable travel-themed wedding invitations and share your love of exploring with all your guests.