Wedding Ceremony Candles & Vases

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Whether you are planning a traditional or non-traditional wedding, a sand or candle unity ceremony is an elegant addition to the festivities on your big day. Set up a personalized vase or glass container to symbolize the beginning of a new family. What's more, you can later place the unity candle and vases on top of your home's mantel to serve as a unique memento of your wedding ceremony. Our family unity ceremony kits are a great way to add an extra-personal moment to your vow exchange. Light a wedding candle to signify the marriage of two lives becoming one with a beautifully customized set from David's Bridal. On the other hand, combine two colors from one of our unique sand kits for a gorgeous ceremony decoration you can display long after the celebration ends. These inexpensive candle wedding unity sets symbolize you and your sweetheart's new life together with the resilience and ferocity of a burning flame. We also carry beautiful and personalized glass containers, including memorial vases for the family to pay respects to loved ones passed. Whatever your bridal needs may be, David's Bridal can help you find the unique unity ceremony set to make your day special for both you and your guests.